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Ledyard Rotary Foundation, Inc.

12 Van Tassel Drive, Gales Ferry, CT 06335




The Ledyard Rotary Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(C)(3) organization and an affiliate of the Rotary Club of Ledyard, Connecticut. It is dedicated to supporting programs and initiatives serving the community and advancing the ideals of the Ledyard Rotary Club and Rotary International. It supports causes that enhance educational opportunities, improve quality of life, improve access to health care, address social problems, advance charitable giving, or provide emergency relief. The foundation exists primarily for the benefit of Ledyard and Gales Ferry residents but may also support regional, state, and international programs.




1.    The Board of Directors of the Ledyard Rotary Foundation, Inc. is empowered to make all grants on behalf of the foundation and its members as prescribed in the foundation Bylaws and in accordance with these policies and guidelines.


2. Distributions will only be made to tax-exempt 501 (C) (3) organizations or municipalities. Grants to benefit an individual will only be made if the request is submitted by a sponsoring 501(C)(3) organization or municipality.


3.    The foundation board will consider the following questions, among others, when reviewing grant applications: How will the grant advance the purpose of the Ledyard Rotary Foundation? How worthy is the organization's cause? How compelling is the specific request? What is the credibility of the organization and its board/volunteers and staff? How many people will be served? What geographic area will be served?


4.    Grants will be made once annually. Up to ninety percent (90%) of the funds available for distribution shall be authorized for disbursement by May 1. A minimum of ten percent (10%) will be held back for distribution during the following 12 months for emergency requests and/or new projects.


5.    Grants are typically not to be made for endowments, operating expenses, deficit financing or reimbursement for items previously purchased.


6.    Requests for seed money for new initiatives are encouraged, and preference is given to requests that fill needs not met by any other organization or source.


7.    Applications for a project or program, in cooperation with another agency or agencies, must include letters of commitment to the project or program from the cooperating agency or agencies.


8.    All requests for funds must be received or postmarked by the date specified on the application. If an application is received or postmarked after the deadlines, the board will determine whether to consider the request or defer its consideration until the next year’s disbursements.


9.    Grants are typically disbursed for specific purposes that do not commit the foundation to recurring expenses; however, the board may pay large grants over a multi-year period.


10.    Grants cannot be used for political or religious purposes; however, grants to religious organizations for non-religious purposes may be made.


11.    All applicants will be informed in writing as to the results of the board’s review.


12. Grants should be of a size commensurate with the project's nature, the number of individuals served, and its potential to advance the above-stated purpose.


13.    No single grantee shall receive all available funding in one fiscal year. The board may disburse grants greater or less than the amount requested by the applicant.


14.    If the request is to support an activity, the applicant must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the board the project’s probability of success in meeting its stated objectives.


15.    Preference may be given to applicants whose programs are expected to receive matching funds.


16.    Requests should be prioritized if submitting a request for more than one item or program.


17.    The foundation membership will be apprised of all approved grants through the Ledyard Rotary Club newsletter and the foundation annual report.


18.    Applications may not be completed or submitted by foundation board members.


19.    Grants shall not be disbursed to foundation members or their immediate families.


20.    If a grantee is unable to use the grant for the stated purpose for any reason, the grantee will immediately return the amount to the foundation unless otherwise authorized by the foundation board.

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