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Ledyard Mini-Loop Trail Race
Hosted by Ledyard Rotary Club

Race Summary

The Ledyard Mini-Loop Trail Race hosted by Ledyard Rotary Club will be 17 April at Colonel Ledyard Park.  Runners will have 2 hours to complete as many loops as possible on a 1.3 mile trail. There will be 3 Starting Times.  The course will be limited to 50 runners at a time.  Runners will have 2 hours to complete as many loops as possible.  Only completed loops will be counted.

The course consists of a 1.3ish mile loop on trails. The race begins with a nice downhill, crosses a stream and then a “nice” 130ft climb over 1/3 of a mile. After cursing the race directors as sadists (and you will be right!), you get to enjoy a reward of a nice fast downhill. The downhill and the following “Connecticut Flat” section of the trail heads back to the stream and back to the beginning.  The “Connecticut Flat” section often has water and mud (depending on April’s weather). You may have a great chance to indulge your inner kid and splash through puddles (and maybe get that person who is trying to pass you). Most of the trail is doubletrack with plenty of space for safe passing. 


Day: 17 April


Wave Times

Wave A – check-in at 7:30am. Wave starts at 8am and finishes at 10am.

Wave B – check-in at 1030am. Wave starts at 11am and finishes at 1pm.

Wave C – check-in at 1:30pm. Wave starts at 2pm and finishes at 4pm.

Wave Ultra (runners who register in Waves A, B AND C) – check-in at 7:30am. Wave starts at 8am and finishes at 4pm.


Colonel Ledyard Park, 4 Blonder's Boulevard, Ledyard, CT, 06339 (https://goo.gl/maps/txGnnBjRqCpfM6Va9)

We use the Colonel Ledyard Hiking Trail.



Colonel Ledyard Park Hiking Trail


Cost and Signup

Signup will be through Ultrasignup (click here to register or go to: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=83977 ) THANK YOU!

Cost will be $20 and include all credit card fees.  There is no mail in registration and no day of registration.

If Covid or life has left you in a place where $20 is too much, please email the race director (LedyardRotaryRaces@gmail.com) and we will wave the fee. 

Want to Learn to Trail Race?

This should be a good beginner race if your goal is to learn and finish. The course is easy to navigate, but you should expect to go nowhere near as fast as you do on the road.  You are a finisher as long as you complete 1 loop. And, the 2 hour windows should give most people plenty of time to finish a 5K if that is your goal. Plus our trail race has above average bathrooms!

Advantages of Fixed Time Course

If you’ve never tried a timed course, the good news is no one will be faster than you.  Everyone will get 2 hours for their Wave time! Your place in the results is determined by the number of completed laps and then the fastest time for the same number of laps.

Timed courses are perfect for letting you push.  Can you do just one more lap?

Want to do FARTHER / Do an Ultra

Runners are welcomed to sign-up for all three waves and turn this race into an ultra.  If you do so, we will let you keep running between waves. This will give you a 7 hrs window to run as far as you can.  We will still score you within each wave; however, only loops started and completed during a waves run time will count for that wave. 

SWAG and Prizes

There is no SWAG or medals for this race.

The prize is the pride that last forever.

We hope in the future to offer a similar race in the summer with SWAG and Prizes.

So what does the 20$ Get me?

The $20 includes

-       The credit card fee (you know that really annoying additional charge that everyone else adds on to your race fee as if it didn’t really count?)

-       Race course

-       In person event

-       Water (bottled water for the race)

-       Clean Bathrooms

-       Results posted on Ultrasignup

-       Supporting scholarships, grants and community service provided by the Ledyard Rotary Club

We include sarcasm, dirt, scrapes and mud for free.

Racing and Covid

When we realized that there was a chance to host an in-person race in our hometown, we got super excited. To make it happen and comply with Covid rules, this race is no frills:

-       No race day registration

-       Runners must print out your electronic bib

-       Water will be provided in bottles

-       Runners must bring their own food

-       Runners are asked to show up no earlier than 30minutes prior to start and to leave within 30 minutes of wave finish

-       The course will have 50 runners at a time

-       Runners must wear a Facemask before and after the run

-       There will be no spectators out on the course, but there is a spot for them to watch you come through on loops. 

-       For those runners with children, the local playscape in the park is open. Please follow social distancing rules.

Course Map

The picture shows the course map. The actual race day trail may be adjusted depending on conditions. And as with all trail races, the distances are “1.3mile ish per loop”. We don’t promise your watch, smartphone or a tape measure will yield the same distance.

Details on the course can be found at:




Elevation Profile

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